Meet The Animals

FarmYard Friends

All the animals at Adventure Valley are big loveable pets. We are not a working farm, so we name all our FarmYard Friends and even offer some for visitors to adopt.

The FarmYard is home to Micro Pigs, Pygmy Goats, Shetland Ponies, Rabbits and even Chipmunks. All very cute!

Click here to view the online timetable, where you can view the times of our animal handling sessions, all under the supervision of our trained staff.

Reptiles, Insects & Bertie!

The World’s Fastest Tortoise

We are lucky to have the World’s fastest tortoise living at Adventure Valley. Bertie broke the Guinness World Record here in 2014, has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and regularly has training sessions that visitors can watch.

Meet the Mini Beasts

We also have a small collection of Snakes, Geckos and Spider residents.  At weekends and school holidays, we often hold ‘Meet the Mini Beast’ workshops for children to get extra close. Click here to view the timetable to see what’s on.


Pony Grooming

We all know a little girl or boy who loves ponies. At Adventure Valley, our timetable regularly includes pony grooming with our friendly Shetland Ponies.

At weekends and school holidays, we also run pony rides. As this activity has reduced capacity, we do charge a small extra fee to enable us to cope with the demand. It is one of the very few activities we charge extra for.


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