Is Adventure Valley open year-round?

Adventure Valley is open year-round, except during specific events or maintenance periods. Check our here for current opening hours and any temporary closures.

Is Adventure Valley accessible by public transportation?

Adventure Valley is conveniently accessible by bus from Durham City Centre. Check our here for bus routes and schedules to plan your visit.

What dining options are available at Adventure Valley?

Adventure Valley features Café Italia, offering a variety of home-cooked meals, snacks, and beverages. Additionally, during the Summer Holidays, a catering van is available for added convenience.

Is there parking available at Adventure Valley?

Yes, Adventure Valley provides ample parking for visitors. Our parking facilities are conveniently located near the park entrance for easy access.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, Adventure Valley welcomes walk-in visitors throughout the year, except during our Winter Wonderland event, which requires advance ticket purchase. While walk-ins are accepted, we highly encourage booking online in advance for all visits to ensure availability and streamline your entry process.

What if I lose something during my visit?

If you misplace an item during your adventure at Adventure Valley, don’t worry! We have two designated lost property areas—one located in the café and the other in the gift shop. Feel free to stop by either location to inquire about your lost belongings. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in reclaiming your lost items.

Is Wi-Fi available?

Adventure Valley does not currently offer Wi-Fi access. We encourage our visitors to unplug and enjoy the immersive experience of our park’s attractions and activities.

Are there ATM’s/Cash machines on site?

No, Adventure Valley does not have cash machines on site. However, you can conveniently get cash back at our gift shop and café.